Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Tract House Comes to Philly

Lisa Anne Auerbach's Tract House has come to Philly as part of the Out Of Print series for Philagrafika. Check it out at 231 North 3rd Street in Old City or visit it online here - and make sure to pick up a copy or download Book Bomber's Mary Tasillo's tract Slow Down.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brooklyn Street Art Interviews Fauxreel - More Wheatpaste Art about the Homeless

Brooklyn Street Art recently interviewed paste artist Fauxreel about his project "The Unaddressed," which focused on finding a way for the homeless community in Toronto to have a voice. For this project, he interviewed members of the homeless community, and created images of them holding signs that depict, "...messages that were counter to what is usually seen on panhandling signage today."

Fauxreel goes on to discuss the environment of the street, and how it naturally is a community space, and how street art affects the audience of the pedestrian. To read the interview and see more images by Fauxreel, visit here.

In Book Bombs news, our third print bombing is just around the corner! And mark your calendars for March 26, when we will be having our zine release party at Nexus during their Extra Dimensional Printmaking Exhibition!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Book Bombs and Mary Tasillo in Democratic Multiples

Book Bombs and Bomber Mary Tasillo were recently part of the exhibition, Democratic Multiples, curated by Mandy Dunn and Lara Henderson. The exhibition, located in Gallery 224 at the University of the Arts, came down February 12, but here you can check out some of the artwork that was on display. Thanks to Mandy and Lara for including our project in their exhibition.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

February Print Bombing

During this country's infancy, Washington Square was a burial ground for Revolutionary soldiers, inmates from the Walnut Street Prison (no longer standing), and victims of the 1793 Yellow Fever outbreak. In 2010, as snow buried the city, Book Bombs struck out for our second First Friday print bombing. In addition to in and around Washington Square, we also hit Christ Church Park and various parts of Old City. Be on the lookout for these prints!

Printed on paper made from Paulownia tomentosa, an invasive plant originally from China, this print is a tribute to tenacity, both of individuals and of the city itself.

Due to weather conditions, a second print bombing may occur. More to watch for...

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Friday, February 5, 2010

February Bombing

Book Bombs will be out tonight in Christ Church Park and Washington Square, as scheduled, in the snow distributing Print #2. Since we're expecting inches upon inches of snow in the coming hours, we'll save some for after the storm. Stay tuned for the date of more print drops...and maybe you'll find some prints in some more sheltered locations.

Also consider dropping by the Democratic Multiples show in Gallery 224 at the University of the Arts, 321 South Broad, opening 5:30-7:30 tonight, for a Book Bombs handout, and take a peek at our installation in the Window on Broad at street level. Mary has additional work in the Democratic Multiples exhibit, and Michelle has work in We and Stories, same time, same address, 6th floor Print gallery.

More photos coming soon.....

Monday, February 1, 2010

Print #2 Previewed

Book Bombs sets up to print at an undisclosed shop in West Philadelphia.
Showing off the first pass, featuring Paulownia tomentosa on Paulownia tomentosa paper.
And pass number 2....
The prints await a layer of text...and distribution at the end of the coming week!