Monday, October 24, 2011

Horizontalidad! Book Bombs Issue 6

Horizontalidad: Book Bombs Issue 6 was released this past week in conjunction with Occupy Together and the Friends of Dard Hunter Regional Meetings (a gathering devoted to handmade paper).

This zine addresses the Occupy movement, the economic situation, and the term horizontalidad.
In Argentina, they call actions like the Occupation horizontalidad – “horizontalness” in English. A word that arose from autonomous movements, indicating a lack of hierarchy and a level playing field, Horizontalidad goes beyond revolution to the idea of ongoing evolution without entrenched ideology.

Covers are printed via letterpress on handmade paper incorporating scraps from other papermakers. The zines invite readers to add their own stories to the narrative of the zine, and to distribute the zines in public spaces (and to send us documentation!). Zines were distributed in Pittsfield and Dalton, Massachusetts, including gallery and hotel spaces. Look for coming news of wider distribution, including a pdf download, on the blog.

 Interiors were printed at the Crane Museum of Papermaking, thanks to Peter Hopkins, with binding help from Allison Roscoe.

Thanks to Melanie Mowinski, proprietor of Press: Letterpress as Public Art, for letterpress printing support!

 The covers, hot off the Universal.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Book Bombs Zine #3 Available for Download

The Ethics of Wheatpaste, #3 in the series of Book Bombs zines, is now available for download as a .pdf file at Print out the 8.5 x 11 single-sided sheet and follow the instructions in the corner of the page to fold your own book.
The Ethics of Wheatpaste was released as part of Amze Emmons's Refugee Reading Room at Space1026 in February 2011.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hydrologies - Zines & Snow Stenciling in the Twin Cities

It was a busy weekend in Minneapolis for Book Bombs activities. After the opening of Urban/Urbane at Susan Hensel Gallery, there were still zines to be folded down:

Thanks to Micah Ludeke and Rachel Wandrei for folding help (and to Micah for the amazing chocolate chip cookie fuel).

And snow stencils:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Reader's Art Opening

Book Bombs had a blast as part of the Reader's Art 11 show at Susan Hensel Gallery on Friday night. Thanks to everyone who came out to chat about the project and about water, in conjunction with Book Bombs Zine #4: Hydrologies. Mary folded down zines on site and passed them along to visitors, who were invited to take the zines home and love them, pass them along to someone else, and/or leave them someplace for another person to find. Please contact us with any photos of the zines on site, and keep an eye out here in the coming days to see documentation of the Book Bombing of Minneapolis.

Note photo documentation of prior Book Bombs projects in the background, and thanks to Suzanne Fischer for taking and sharing these photos of the opening!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Bombs in Minneapolis!

Book Bombs is will be part of the upcoming exhibition, Readers' Art 11, Urban/Urbane, at Susan Hensel Gallery, in Minneapolis, MN. The exhibition runs from March 4-April 30, 2011, and features 29 artists exploring issues of urban living in artist book form.

Join us for the opening reception on First Friday, March 4, from 7-10 PM, where we will be distributing copies of Book Bombs #4. The weekend following will involve a public print bombing of Minneapolis, taking a quite a new form from some of our bombings past....