Thursday, November 19, 2009

Philly Program to Prevent Foreclosures

Philadelphia's government is typically described as corrupt and disorganized, and that's when people are being polite. However, once in a while, Philly gets it right. Philadelphia's primary civil court has now adopted rules that state that no home may be foreclosed on and sold by the Sheriff's office with out a "conciliation conference," in which homeowners and lenders - such as Bank of America representatives - sit down face-to-face and create a workable compromise. Every homeowner facing foreclosure is provide counseling, and in some cases, a volunteer lawyer.

The plan has its critics, mostly that say the city is just prolonging the inevitable, but cities across the US are considering adopting the Philadelphia plan.

The New York Times covered this issue, providing a history of the plan's development, implementation, and criticism. To read the article, visit here.

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